International Adventures

Into the Land of White Elephants
It may seem strange to hear but is true that it’s my maiden flight trip that also being an International
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petronas tower
Kuala Lumpur here we come
It was hard for me to leave Singapore instantly. It seemed like yesterday we arrived in Singapore and now it
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eagle square langkawi
The blue waters and the black sands
Langkawi was the last leg of our trip of Malaysia. In fact the destination was first spotted by Antara herself
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things to do in 5 days
Things to do in Thailand in just 5 days
On a short trip to Thailand ? Here are few things to try out. Bangkok Th first sighting when  one lands
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India Diaries

ambika kalna
The Kalna Diaries
Bengal has seen the face of many rulers and invaders in the past. With time they faded away leaving artistic
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The Vaishnava trails : Jagannath calling
The holy land of Lord Jagannath has many names. It is mentioned in Puranas as Srikshetra, Shankhakshetra, Neelāchala,Neelādri, Purusottama Dhāma,
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Silhouette Routes – Gourdaha
“Where to go man? Lets head up towards Gourdaha.. Now where the hell is that??” Yes these were my first
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barasona masjid
Ruins of Gour
Last year I paid a visit to the city. The archeological city is located in Malda district, West Bengal. It’s
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Tips and Hacks

What do I have in my travel lot
What do I have in my travel lot?
Over the years I tried my hands over a variety of genre in the field of photography and video creation.
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how to create a timelapse video
How I create a timelapse video?
This is what I know about timelapses till date.  Correct me if I am wrong. By definition Timelapse is a
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