The Roman Wonders

Packed our bags, checked the documents and travel tickets and jet set go. The first ever weekend off from studies, we flew from Copenhagen to Rome with a three-day itinerary plan. Why Italy? I would rather say Why not !! When two wonders are situated which are from two different ages at two different locations, then probably this would be the right choice to visit the country.


Wonder of the Medieval Period

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The journey took us around 3 hours from Roma Termini Station by train and the tickets were all prebooked from Trainline with cheaper ticket prices compared to other sites.

leaning tower of pisa

Piazza Dei Miracoli

Piazza Dei Miracoli

It's one of the UNESCO World heritage sites also known as the Square of MIracles in English. It consists of Pisa Cathedral and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The entry to the complex is free, however, entry to the architectural buildings is paid. But the main pain area is the unavailability of the taxi outside the premises. We waited for around an hour for the cab to arrive at the taxi location to board the train to Venice. The problem is the locals park their personal cars in the taxi area. Finally, we were able to board a taxi which just came at the decisive moment. The trains were prebooked from Trainline.

leaning tower of pisa

Wonder of the New World

The Roman Colosseum

The largest amphitheater ever built on Earth. It has a capacity of approx 50,000 - 80,000 spectators. It was mainly used for gladiator battles , reenactments of wars, dramas etc.

The nearest Metro station is Colosseo and the ticket fare is € 5 from Roma Termini

Panorama of Colosseum


The entry is free to the premises. However similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, entry to the architectural marvel is paid. Similar to Kolkata, horse carriages are most popular in the city. And yes the horses have more fur and hair than the horse back in India.

Video Blog to Italy

From the wonders, we both went to Vatican and  Venice. Check out the details in the next blog.


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