how to create a timelapse video

How I create a timelapse video?

This is what I know about timelapses till date.  Correct me if I am wrong. By definition Timelapse is a technique by which the frame rate being captured is much lower than that being viewed. When merged and played at normal speed, the time seems to be faster and is thus called lapsing. I personally feel that this is the only way to feel and see time and motion which are not perceivable to normal human eye.

What is needed to achieve a timelapse ?

Finding a suitable spot

Finding a suitable spot is an important point to remember. If the perspective or the framing of the photograph is not symmetric or not followed according to the basic rules of photography , there might be a major chance that the clip might get ruined up.

Wide Angle Lens (DSLR Users)

I use Tokina 11-16 ATX DXII Pro Wide Angle lens as it gives me a wider perspective to take photographs and club them to make them into a timelapse video. This works great in travel timelapses for example I did a few sample videos while I travelled to Malaysia and Thailand. The one which I did in Pentai Cenang beach was one of a kind. Never expected that sort of quality.

My Math was right. 🙂


Intervalometer is a device or a remote controller which triggers the camera to take shots at regular intervals. This devices are used to avoid manual clicking and automate the process and to stabilize the picture alignment. Reducing the effort is the objective 🙂

You can buy the intervalometer at the cheapest rates from the links below:-

Segolike Timer Remote For Canon

Neewer Intervalometer for Nikon

Camera Equipment

Shooting with DSLR / Point & Shoot / Mobile doesn't matter. I shoot with DSLR, I had also shot hyperlapse clip from my Android Mobile my downloading free Apps from the Google Play Store. These are my 3 free picks for the same:-

a. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

b.  Lapse It Timelapse Camera

c.  Framelapse - Timelapse Camera

If you are new to photography and keen on buying a new DSLR, then PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BUYING A DSLR. Instead learn and try out the basic photography concepts in mobile , when confident enough, then go for the big brother. Anyways if you are keen on buying a new one then below are the models which I use.

  • Canon EOS 500D
  • Canon EOS 70D

60 inch Dolica Tripod

I use Dolica Tripod as it's lightweight, and the best part is I can completely flatten the legs of the pod, parallel to the ground, which means I can shoot at every possible angle without any hassle. If you want to buy the product, below is the clickable link along with the price tag.

How to achieve a timelapse ?

The video is shot at Pentai Cenang beach, Langkawi, Malaysia. I had applied the same process taking a total of 200 shots approx. From there I had to cut from the start and the end and group them together to form a 5 sec video rendering at 30 FPS.

Doing the math right

In reference to my example I shoot my timelapse videos in 24 fps mode. Generally each clip is of a duration of a max of 5 sec long. Now let's break it down a bit.

Total Frames (without delays) = 24 FPS x 5 sec => 120

I take a double of 120 since there are two reasons:-

  1. I can edit and cut down the clip wherever I want
  2. I can increase the speed of the video (so I keep the count of 250 for myself).

Time Equation Setup:-

It's advisable to add 4 sec delay  to add transition effect. For example if in every 5 sec it shoots 1 shot, so to shoot 24 frames it would take 24 x 5 = 120 sec

Time taken to shoot 1 sec clip (24 fps) = 120 sec (2 min)

Time taken to shoot 5 sec clip = 120 x 5 => 600 sec (10 min)

So to shoot a 5 sec timelapse clip, I need to keep my camera on timelapse mode for 10 mins. The count increases as the clips increases.

Which software do I use ?


I use TimelapseTool, which is a free version application to create HD quality videos. The latest update of the application comes with the personal activation code which is mailed in the registered mail.

Application download link:-

However there are other paid softwares like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro etc. which I don't have any idea how to operate those applications. Also at this moment, neither my machine would support the paid applications nor I would like to invest my time and money over those tools. No doubt they are brilliant tools but why to invest on them when you are getting same results from a free tool.


I hope this post was informative enough to give a clear idea about the process. Still if you have doubts, there are plenty of free resources available in the internet or you can mail me your queries.

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